Ancient Egypt – Daily life of Egyptians

Going for Egypt holidays is both an educational and a fun getaway. This country’s rich culture and history make this a very good destination for anyone looking for a worthwhile vacation. You will surely feel a deeper appreciation of the history and culture of this country when you get to explore the wonders of Egypt. You and your loved ones will definitely enjoy visiting this amazing place. Make sure to bring your digital cameras and camcorders to capture the amazing sights that you will see here.

During Ancient Egypt times the people lived and worked each day in the hot sun by the Nile River. Food was simple, clothing was simple, but their advancements in ancient technology were astounding. Ancient Egypt was a unique civilization, and the Egyptians lived differently from other ancient groups of people. They placed a lot of emphasis on their family life. In low class poor families, mothers cared for the children, but in wealthier groups slaves and servants cared for the children.

The women of ancient Egypt were highly respected and treated well in this civilization, but they were supposed to always obey the men in their life. However women were still permitted to own land and take part in important business deals. Girls and boys didn’t wear clothing until they became an “adult” which was usually around the age of 12 or 13. Wearing clothing signified that they were ready to get married. Boys often followed in their father’s footsteps, and girls in their mothers. Girls married at 12 years old as well, but if they were wealthy they could marry at an older age. Everyone worked together to make the entire family successful, which is why family was of such importance to everyone.

Beer and bread were the most popular foods, and meats were consumed on special occasions in poorer families. The rich were able to eat meat on a regular basis though expensive meats were savored on holidays and celebration days only. The life of a rich Egyptian in ancient Egypt involved rich foods, jewelry, clothing, and entertainment. They had large homes and servants, while the poor did all of the work themselves. Ancient Egypt is a fascinating world that continues to be discovered, archeologists are continuously learning about new pieces of their ancient history.