RA Sun god

Ra is the Egyptian solar deity and one of the most important figures of the ancient Egyptian religion. Identified with the sun, this god is symbolized though the sun disc. His name has been set in connection to a divine creative power as well. Over the stages of the Egyptian cults, Ra has been identified with other deities as well, such as with Horus for example, but also with many others that had similar characteristics and symbols of the kind.

Facts about Ra:

identified with the sun, which meant that he was a symbol of light, warmth and growth;
Ra traveled in the underworld with the help of two solar boats;
the sun disk with which he is represented is often associated with the body or with the eye of Ra;
his followers at Heliopolis are deemed to have been developed through the creative powers of Ra.


the man with the hawk head, having a solar disk on top;
the man with the beetle head;
the man with the ram head;
an old king with golden flesh;
other images: heron, serpent, bull, beetle, ram, cat or lion.

Gods identified with Ra:

Atum – linked to the sun and creator of the Ennead;
Amun – member of the Ogdoad, as a symbol of creative energies;
Khepri and Khnum – a scarab beetle in connection with the morning sun and an evening manifestation of the sun god;
Ra-Horakhty – as Horus of the Horizons.

Gods created by Ra:

Hathor and Sekhmet – the daughters of Ra;
Bastet – the cat of Ra.

Ra is one of the most fascinating deities of ancient Egypt and one of the most easily recognizable ones. With the creative powers that were assumed to him, Ra was a major part of the ancient Egyptian life and one of the deities that had numerous cults, manifestations and imageries, which Egyptians followed, respected and vowed to