Marriage and Family

For Ancient Egyptians, marriage was a private matter. The main goal of marriage was believed to be procreation, a man and a woman setting up a common household with the purpose to achieve this important goal. So, for Ancient Egyptians, marriage was a scared bond. Each member of the family had its own role.

The father in an Egyptian family was the one working all day long. The mother was in charge with everything related to the home. Naturally, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children was part of her responsibilities. A couple who decided to marry in Ancient Egypt assumed these roles. Egyptians preferred lifelong monogamous relationships, close family and friends playing an important role for them, as well.

For Ancient Egyptians, 14 or 15 was believed to be the most appropriate age for a girl to get married. However, men wedded somewhere between 17 and 20. Only if the man or the woman were widows or divorced, marriages took place at older ages. It surely seems that Ancient Egyptians were expected to marry young. This aspect is also determined by the fact that commonly lifespan was short during this period of time.

In most cases, marriages in Ancient Egypt were arranged by parents. When couples fall in love and chose their own partners, they need the consent of their families to be able to wed. There is no shock in this, as Ancient Egyptians wedded so young that they surely needed support from their families.

The wedding day was more simple than what you can imagine at first. The bride usually moved in with her husband, and if the case with his family, too. For the wedding, a bride commonly wore a long dress or tunic, made of linen. The bride adorned herself with gold or silver jewelry, in case she owned any. A wedding did not require an official ceremony. However, parties to celebrate the new couple’s life together were commonly held.
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Still, most couples had a contract signed between the two parties. This was most common among richer people, as the poorer class probably needed no contract at all, having few possessions. In most situations, marriages occurred between people of similar social classes. As you can see, the marriage was a very simple procedure. We can surely say the same thing about the divorce. A divorce could be asked by either the husband or the wife. For instance, a woman could ask the divorce due to abuse or domestic violence. Either way, this was considered to be a very private matter.

Daily life in Ancient Egypt was extremely interesting, too. Actually, Ancient Egyptians are the most developed and interesting civilizations that have ever lived.